Der Graf von Luxemburg (The Count of Luxembourg) (original opera)

  • Lehar, Franz
Detailed Instrumentation: 2(1dPicc).2.2.2: Timp.Perc: Clsta: Str (4-4-3-3-3): Vocal soli (9 roles SSATTTTTB).Chorus (SATTBB)
Duration: 120

DER GRAF VON LUXEMBURG (The Count of Luxemburg) is a three-act operetta that tells the story of an impoverished aristocrat and a glamorous opera singer who enter into a fake marriage without ever seeing each other but later fall in love at first sight, unaware that they are already husband and wife. Much like Franz Lehar’s earlier success with THE MERRY WIDOW, this operetta deals with themes of how the promise of wealth impacts love and marriage and also the contrast between the gaiety of Parisian society and Slavic seriousness. An immediate success upon its premiere in Vienna on November 12, 1909, the libretto has been translated into many languages and remains in the standard repertory until the present day, particularly in German-speaking countries. Instrumentation included in the set: 2(1dPicc).2.2.2: Timp.Perc: Clsta: Str (4-4-3-3-3).


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