12 Ariettas

  • Righini, Vincenzo
  • Penhorwood, Edwin
Detailed Instrumentation: Vocal

Vincenzo Righini (1756-1812) began his career as a well-known opera tenor until vocal damage drove him to begin composing himself. ( He is most well-known for his operas, sacred music and songs.) He drew the attention of the Emperor in Vienna in 1780 whose patronage make him one of the most sought after voice teachers in Vienna and Berlin, where he later became Kapellmeister and Director of the Italian Opera. The Ariettas are small songs, less elaborate than arias, and they some bear interesting influences; many of the themes show an affinity for Mozart; No. 3 has a Romantic feeling, a “Beethovenesque” quality; Nos. 11 and 12 foreshadow Rossini and Bellini. This edition by Edwin Penhorwood includes editors’ additons and performing suggestions in brackets, but the indications are only one suggestion as these songs will benefit from the imagination of the performer limited only by the style of the period and the spirit of the composition. Songs: 1. Placido zeffiretto, 2. Pur nel sonno almen talora, 3. Io lo so che il bel sembiante, 4. Or che il cielo a me ti rende, 5. Affetti, non turbate, 6. D’un Genio che m’accende, 7. Sol che un istante io miri, 8. Aure amiche, ah! non spirate, 9. Mi lagnero tacendo, 10. Vorrei di te fidarmi, 11. T’intendo, si, mio cor, 12. Se amor l’abbandona


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