Mass No. 15 in C, K. 317 (Coronation Mass)

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Taubmann, Otto
Detailed Instrumentation: Solo SATB: Mix Chor: Piano Reduction
Duration: 30

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) completed his Mass No. 15 in C, K. 317 on March 23, 1779 after a period of seeking for employment in places such as Paris and Mannheim. Failing that, Mozart’s father Leopold acquired a position for him as court organist and composer at Salzburg Cathedral, and this mass likely premiered there on Easter Sunday, April 4, 1779. The work earned the nickname Kr√∂nungsmesse (Coronation Mass) in the early 19th century after it became popular for royal and imperial coronations in Vienna’s Imperial Court. As it contains all of the sections of the Ordinary, this lighter mass setting may be considered a Missa solemnis, although its brevity may also classify it as a Missa brevis. Movements: I. Kyrie, II. Gloria, III. Credo, IV. Sanctus, V. Benedictus, VI. Agnus Dei. This piano reduction has been completed by Otto Taubmann.


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