Blessed Are They (flex band)

  • Brahms, Johannes
  • Buehlan, Barbara
  • Barber, Clarence
Detailed Instrumentation: Flexible instrumentation
Duration: 5

Johannes Brahms was not a religious man in the usual sense of the term, so it should be of no surprise that when he wrote the German Requiem; it did not follow the prescribed five movement form of the traditional requiem mass, but instead contained seven movements. The first time Brahms combined orchestra with chorus and soloists, it is considered to be his choral masterwork. While the style is unabashedly romantic with all the depth and beauty associated with the music of Brahms, the form is clearly influenced by Handel and reflects Brahms’ intensive study of earlier masters. Blessed Are They is the sublime first movement of the German Requeim; and the original version pairs the chorus with the orchestra to create a heavy, somber mood. This skillfully crafted arrangement for flexible instrumentation, edited by Clarence Barber, makes this work playable by as few as five players up to large bands and orchestras, and everything in between.


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