A Christmas Intrada

  • Reed, Alfred
Detailed Instrumentation: Concert band
Duration: 10

The celebration of the Nativity has called forth countless songs, dances, carols , plays and combinations of these, involving both vocal and instrumental forces, throughout the centuries, intertwining the feeling of radiant joy and infinite tenderness in many different ways. A CHRISTMAS INTRA DA represents an attempt to portray, in musical terms alone, five contrasting moods associated with the festivities of the Christmas season. These five sections are played without pause. They are: FANFARE: CHRISTUS NATUS EST for brass, chimes, bells and percussion only; LULLABY FOR THE CHRIST CHILD played by the woodwinds; PROCESSIONAL OF THE KINGS AND SHEPHERDS played by the full group; CAROL FOR THE HOLY NIGHT for woodwinds, saxophones and muted brass; and, finally, WASSAIL AND ALLELUIA beginning with the bells and chimes alone, and gradually growing to include not only the full group, but also antiphonal brass choirs, to bring the entire work to a joyous and triumphant conclusion. A CHRISTMAS INTRADA was commissioned by the Middle Tennessee State University Band and dedicated to the bands who annually participate in the Contest of Champions, on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary (1981). The first performance took place on that occasion, at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, October 23rd, 1981, with the U.S. Marine Band, plus antiphonal brass choirs. Grade 4, Duration ca. 10′


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