Forgotten Runes for Clarinet and Piano Trio

  • Cooman, Carson
Detailed Instrumentation: B-flat Clarinet, Violin,Cello, Piano
Duration: 3

This work consists of a set of thirteen very brief movements, each cast in a “traditional” form (such as fanfare, hoe-down, minuet, etc.) Because of their extremely brief nature, each movement explores some of the most basic elements that we, as listeners, associate with these particular forms. Movements: I. Fanfare, II. Waltz, III. Courante, IV. Recitative, V. Hoedown, VI. Minuet, VII. Elegy, VIII. Tarantella, IX. Nocturne, X. Hymn, XI. Prelude, XII. March, XIII. Tocata. Commissioned by Ensemble Decadanse for their Millennium Celebration Concert in Paris.


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