A Night Piece for Flute and Strings

  • Foote, Arthur
Detailed Instrumentation: Flute, String Orchestra or String Quartet
Duration: 9

Shining as a a beacon to late bloomers everywhere, American composer Arthur Foote (1853 – 1937) did not begin music lessons until he was 12 years old. Originally premiered as the first part of his “Nocturne and Scherzo for Flute and String Quartet” this rhapsodic fantasy acquired the title “A Night Piece for Flute and Strings” when it was published four years later in a version for string orchestra. Versions for flute and string quartet, flute and string orchestra, and flute and piano are available from the publisher.


  • SO16C / 3773429 NIGHT PIECE STR SC/PTS $50.00Buy Now
  • SO16FS / 3773430 NIGHT PIECE, A FS $10.00Buy Now

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