A premiere educational catalog, LudwigMasters Publications offers music suitable for all stages of development.  Along with Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., LudwigMasters was purchased by Keiser Productions in 2020.

1, 2, 3 Play! 2.0 Piano (Violin Key)

  • Martin, Joanne
Detailed Instrumentation: Violin Solo, Duo, or Trio with or without Piano Accompaniment

This collection includes fifteen works in varying styles, keys, moods, and meters, from easy to intermediate level. One, two, or three players may join either a teacher accompaniment part or piano. Books for violin, viola and cello are available in addition to teacher scores and piano accompaniment for each instrument.


  • 52793013 / 36-52793013 1, 2, 3 PLAY! 2.0 PIANO S FS $12.95Buy Now

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