Albert J. Andraud


“A native of France, he served in the French army in World War I and, in 1913, came to the United States with the army band. Mr. Andraud returned in 1921, to stay, and played first oboe with the Chicago opera and later with the Cleveland symphony orchestra. In 1929, he joined the Cincinnati Symphony, where he played until 1955, when he retired. In his last performance, Mr. Andraud took an uninvited bow while as, The Enquirer reported at the time, the conductor “stood in icy immobility.” Mr. Andraud composed, arranged and published chamber music and orchestral studies for the flute, oboe, clarinet, french horn and bassoon. In 1968, when North Texas State University named a faculty musical group the “Albert J. Andraud Woodwind Quintet.” The Enquirer said he was known as “one of the world’s foremost publishers and authorities on woodwind music.” “He distinguished himself by being an agent for French music,” Arthurt Bowen, a former principal cellist of the CSO, said Wednsday. “He had the connections.” – Taken from The Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper, April 1975



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