Lalo Schifrin’s Tuba Concerto Performed by Gene Pokorny

Gene Pokorny

Lalo Schifrin composed the elaborately orchestrated and challenging Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra for Chicago Symphony Orchestra tubist Gene Pokorny in 2016. Lalo Schifrin notes that this exhilarating piece “uses a musical language that oscillates between baroque, 20th century music and American jazz.” Highlighting that the massive brass instrument can be beautiful and melodic too, the work also makes good use of an elaborate percussion section, celesta, harp, and harpsichord. Pokorny gave the first performance of the work on March 3, 2018 with the Redlands Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ransom Wilson, and a more recent series of performances by Pokorny took place with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Riccardo Muti on June 15 – 17, 2023.

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